Quality Control of Sunprius Turbocharger Production Line

Quality Control of Sunprius Turbocharger Production Line

Our factory is mainly engaged in the turbo parts production, turbo parts assembling and testing and overall performance testing with turbocharger Circulatory System Test Bench. These three aspects can control the quality of turbocharger. Specific details are as follows:

First, parts production and processing sectors:

1. Processing of three housing

1) Processing Project: compressor housing, turbine housing and bearing housing.

2) Processing Equipment: Using the HARDINGE CNC turning machin from The United States and other international production and processing equipments with high-precision eg. The equipments from Jirfine Taiwan,ect . Processing equipment as follows:

3) Processing standards: The inner diameter critical dimension of the bearing housing 0.0035mm, other parts of the hearing housing use the high-precision and high-speed machining center from Jirfine Taiwan. It can improve the degree of roughness and location requirements.

2. The processing of other parts and the material control

1) Compressor housing [ZL 101 Cast aluminum]

2) Bearing housing [HT250 Gray iron]

3) Compressor wheel [ZL201 or C355 cast aluminums]

4) Turbine wheel [K18]

5) Turbine shaft [42CrMo]

6) Floating bearing [CW713R]

7) Seal ring [imported]

8) Thrust bearing [H62]

Secondly, Parts assembling and testing section

1. Single balancing test

1) Test project: rotor and shaft assembly

2) Testing Equipment: using the REDAT balance test equipment from Italy, shown as follows:

3) Testing standards: the detection accuracy of 0.0001g, test frequency of 100%.

2. The overall balancing test

1) Test project: cartridge

2) Testing Equipment: Using the high-precision TECHNICS overall balancing test machine from United Kingom, shown as follows:

3) Testing standards: Vibration detection accuracy ± 1%, 100% inspection frequency. Balancing quality and de-emphasis should reach the required JB / f 9752.3 or product pattern.

3. Bypass valve test

1) Test project: Bypass valve

2) Testing Equipment: Using the REDAT bypass valve testing equipment from Italy, shown as follows:

3) Testing standards: Detection accuracy test ± 0.5%, the detection frequency of 100%. The opening pressure of Bypass Valves or other regulatory agencies of turbocharger should be adjusted to all technical documents specified range; the valve cover should be closed, and can effectively seal gas.

4. Other parts assembly performance testing (in accordance with the standards and test methods JB/T9752.1- 2005):

1) Appearance test: the appearance of Turbocharger should be kept clean, the casting surface without cracks, slag and other casting defects. The inlet and outlet of gas, oil, water and should be equipped with an effective sealing measures.

2) Turbocharger cleanliness: All parts should pass the ultrasonic cleaning before assembling. Turbocharger unit should reach the required cleanliness JB/f6 002 or product technical documents.

3) Assembly quality: The turbocharger assembly shall meet the requirements of all drawings and technical documents; Rotation rotor does not allow metal grazing and other abnormal noise.

4) Compressor wheel inspection: According to the proportion of 2% per batch do turbocharger over speed and temperature test, compressor wheel destruction test.

1. Test Project:

1) Turbochargers comprehensive performance test:

Turbocharger makes use of the compressed air of itself. Power is input the turbine through the heating, and then the turbine drives the compressor outputting compressed air continuously, so that the turbocharger can work continuously. Then we can test its supercharge ratio, maximum design speed, gas volume range, the highest efficiency of compressor, maximum efficiency compressor and turbocharger oil supply capacity performance test.

2) Complete Turbocharger durability test :

Assess the performance and reliability of turbocharger during the durability test according to testing one sample in a comprehensive test batch to check turbocharger engine durability and realiablity.

2. Test Equipment: Using the NJ408 comprehensive bench from China, shown as below:

3. Testing standards: The main performance of turbocharger, self-circulation test and durability test to ensure the performance and reliability of the product;

Fourthlyquality assurance capabilities:

Our company has passed the Lloyds International Automobile management system certification of qualified units, and in strict accordance with TS/TS16949: 2009 quality system requirements for quality assurance.